Here are some pics of Bill and me at Smithland, KY. They had a two nighter, so we were both able to drive the same track.

Here I am coming off the line Friday. Notice the cab/bed junction the body lines, and how close the rear fender is to the wheel.

Notice the same things at the end of my pull. I had a hard time controlling the beast, the wheel was everywhere, and the bacl kept sucking down hard.

So Saturday I raised the hitch height, and stiffened the rear up some, and back we went, this time Bill drove.

LOOK AT THE LEFT FRONT TIRE!! Guess I got the rear stiff enough, and the bumper hitch might be too high for this truck. Also notice the body lines and how far the rear wheel is from the fender.

This is about 3/4 of the way the rear is still up and so is the front, bill pulled out where the deisels did with the same sled setting. He did break the rearend at the end though.

OK heres Bills finish

Heres Jerry

Heres Manny