added Colorado and Nebraska sites

Here I am trying to compile links that may be of interest to people in the pulling community. I will try to group them together, as well as try to keep them updated.
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Links have been place into the following groups
"Pulling Organizations"  "Classifieds"  "Publications/General"    "Sleds"    "FWD's"   "TWD's"   "Tractors"

 Pulling Organizations


Badger State Tractor Pullers

BowlingGreen's N.T.P.C.

California Modified Pullers

Colorado T.T.P.A.

Country Modified Pullin

Crossville (TN) T.T.P.A.

East Central Iowa T.P.A

East Central Missouri Tractor Pullers

Eastern Extreme Pulling

Eastern Michigan T.P.A.

Empire State Pullers

European T.P.C.

Farm Machinery Show

Garden Tractor Pulling

Great Lakes T.T.P.A.

Heartland Truck Pullers

Hoosier State Tractor pullers

Illinois Hot Farm S.P.A.

Indiana Truck Pullers

Ken/Ten truck and tractor pullers


Kentucky Outlaw TTPA

Mid-Missouri TTPA

Mid-South Pullers Assc.

Middle TN P.A.

Missouri State TPA

Nebraska Power Pullers assoc.

New Penn Jersey Tractor pullers

NewYork T.P.A.


Northwest Missouri T.P.A.

Ohio River Valley T.P.A.

Ohio State T.P.A.

Ontario Mini Rod P.A.

Outlaw T.T.P.A.

Pacific Tractor Puller's Assoc.

PullTown / Northwest Ohio

Pro West Tractor Pullers

Red River Valley Pullers Association

Shenandoah Valley T.P.A.

United Pullers of the Carolinas

Valley Tractor Pullers Assc

Virginia Tractor Pullers Assc

Virginia Truck Pullers Assc

Warren County Antique T.P.A.

Western Ohio Garden T.P.A.

Western Wisconsin Truck Pullers

Wisconsin T.P.A.

Wisconsin T.P.A.



Motherinlaws Garage

Racers Auction




D & L Pulling

Full Pull Magazine

Full Pull Motorsports

the Heaviest Motorsport on Wheels

Hook Magazine

Marshall/Putnam Fair

Pro Pullers

Pull Off

Pull Site

Puller Zone

Pullin Pages

Pulling Power

Pulling Power Online

Pulling World

PullThis pullin comedy

Shelton Farm Tractor Pulling

Sled Puller (diesel trucks)

Southern KY Mini Tractors

Ted's Pulling Tapes

Tennessee Racin news


Truck Pulling Unleashed

Truck World

Yesterday's Tractors




Decision Maker

Downhill Express

Hill's Sled Rental(southern shaker & hammer time)

Old Ironsides


 FWD Pulling Teams

Cheeks's  "Party Time"

Fantasy Pulling Truck

Hagedorn Motorsports

Heavy Metal Pulling Team

McConnell's  "Yellow Fever"

Reddog Racing

Sled Draggin Pulling Team

Tunnel Rat


 TWD Pulling Teams

Barr's  "Midnight Mistress"

Cabeen Enterprizes

Half Fast 2

McPherson Motorsports

Quick's  "Midnite T"

Veach's "Chili Pepper"


 Tractor Pulling Teams

Bob Jostock's  "Wild Child" mod

Bricker Bro's  "Barn Burner" IH PS

Darnell's  "SCHEID-STER" IH SF

Boyd's  "Green Streak & Green Streak II" JD PS's

Jerew's  "Wild Times" Ford Mod

Krider's  "Double Dose Plus One" mod

Link's  "Gon' Moken" JD PS

Mean Green Pulling Team

Morsey's  "Ground Hog IH"

Road Gear Farmer

Sarver's  "Green Extreme"

Schaendorf's  "Radical Red" IH SS

VanDorpe's  "Screamin Demon II" IH SS



Antique Tractor Pulling

Big Rigs Pulling Series

British Tractor Pullers Association

Central Ohio A.T.P.A.

Cloud Nine Pulling (Netherlands)

Lewis Pulling Team

Mann's  "Ladybutterfly" bigrig

N&G Garden Tractor Pulling Team

National R/C T.P.A

Pulling World

Stock Tractor Pulling  (Netherlands)

Swedish Tracor Pulling

Tri-County Mini-Rods

Yesterday's Tractors