updated 6 Sep 2010

This is my educational page providing evidence for my Christian beliefs, mainly creationism, and presenting my arguments against evolution. Take some time to look over these videos.

Facts in this video.
The Bible says the earth is round, long before Columbus, when all of science said the earth was flat.
 The bible says our sun is in an orbit of its own, science did not learn this until 1999.
Bible said that light has a path, when until Isaac Newton, science thought it was just instant, happening.

The bible tells about how the water cycle works, again long before science.
It also tells of springs in the sea???
We now know that the Natives in Hawaii can gather drinking water from the ocean. By diving down and collecting fresh water from the bottom with a gourd from the "springs of the sea".
God said to circumcise infants on the eighth day. Science now knows that naturally that is the perfect timing, of course today they can change the timing with drugs and injections, but none the less the Bible told the perfect day.